Plus Snow Ambassador Series - Iya Thomas founder @shapelyevents

Plus Snow Ambassador Series - Iya Thomas founder @shapelyevents

Iya Thomas, founder of @shapelyevents, is an event organizer and body positivity content creator, providing content and experiences that allow all people, especially plus-sized people, to live a fulfilling lifestyle where they feel valued, worthy, and seen.

Calling Queens, New York home (at least most of the time!) Iya loves all things winter, including skiing, snow tubing, making snowmen, and snow angels. After her first experience skiing in Massanutten, Virginia, USA she hasn’t looked back, and now makes a point of hitting the slopes every winter. So much does she love it, in fact, that she now organizes Shapely Ski, an annual event encouraging people of all sizes to push past their fears and experience the joy of skiing.

Tubing fun in the snow - Plus Snow Ambassador Iya Thomas

Prior to discovering Plus Snow, Iya tells us that the plus-size ski gear available in her size made her feel boxy and unattractive. “I went to Modell's and got whatever they had within my price range regardless of how it fits. I often felt "boxy" or manly because they didn't have flattering gear in my size. the bottom of my pants was so wide and would drag terribly”, she says. (Of course, dragging pants are a safety issue too, as they can cause slipping or get caught in the bindings of your skis, affecting the release mechanism.)

Now, with Plus Snow, she says “I feel beautiful. A big part of doing things outside of your comfort zone is perception. If you look good, you feel good. Worrying about how others viewed me was one less thing to worry about. Oh and let me not forget, no more dragging pants!” She particularly loves her Cruiser jacket, which provides the warmth she needs without any bulk.

Asked for words of advice for would-be plus-size skiers and snowboarders, Iya says “Just do it! Move like no one is watching.” We love it.

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Age: 37

Surprising Fact: I'm ticklish and I absolutely hate being cold. This is why proper gear is so important to me.

Chest 50 - 51 inches
Waist 47 inches
Hips 53 inches

Favourite Plus Snow Piece: Rojo Cruiser Jacket black size 22
Jacket measurements:
Chest 53.5 inches
Waist 52 inches
Hips 55.1 inches

All warmth, no bulk!
The Rojo Cruiser jacket was just what I needed to hit the slopes and look darn cute while doing it. The coats I've worn in the past were bulky and added some inches to my silhouette. This jacket complimented my silhouette, did not add bulk, and was warm! Paired with some Plus Snow thermals, this will be a permanent part of my ski/winter wardrobe.

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