Hello 👋 Chances are, if you’ve found us, as a person in a plus size body looking for snow or outdoor clothing, we have sizes that WILL fit you. Find the measurements for each specific product at the bottom of its page in the size chart.

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Measuring yourself can be daunting - First scroll down and read to the end of this page, and use our Guide with detailed video, pictures, and instructions.

Once you have measured, make a Phone or Virtual Appointment to speak to one of our sizing support team.

If you don’t know where to start click SHOP YOUR SHAPE button below and we’ll give you all your clothing options in one big email.

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"This is our way of offering you a personalised fitting experience with our Sizing Specialists so that your needs are met successfully. With some important details, we will be able to present to you some of the best options for your upcoming adventure!"

Detailed Measuring Guide Click Here

Did you know?? Shape is everything when it comes to getting plus-size ski gear that actually fits you. This guide takes the guesswork out of shopping for plus-size snow clothing online and will ensure you get gear that actually fits YOUR body.

If you’ve scrolled through our buying guide, you’ll see that we have a wide range of plus-size snow clothing options available for all different body shapes. But we know that shopping for plus-size clothing online can sometimes make you feel uncertain, especially if you’ve had experiences with poorly fitting plus-size ski clothing in the past (and that was just in a physical store).

Never fear! This is where our personalized fitting service comes to the rescue.

Taking the hassle out of buying plus-size snow gear: Personal recommendations in your inbox

We love that our extensive snow clothing range makes it easy for so many of our customers to buy their plus-size ski gear with confidence, especially when we hear that it brings back the joy of spending time in the snow.

That said, we know that many of you would like a helping hand, and the ability to ask specific questions so you can find ski gear that actually work for you, the first time. Enter the free personalised fitting service.

My pants arrived this week and I got to test them out today on the slopes. They are great - the fit is really comfortable with room for layers and it’s warm without being bulky. Thank you for your detailed and considered advice and recommendations. As I said in a previous email, the fitting approach you offer provides an excellent and long-needed service.” - Jane D

How does it work? Simple. You send us your measurements, and our knowledgeable team will send you recommendations for the best fitting snow gear ( jackets,base layers and pants) for your individual body shape. We understand that it can feel daunting to measure yourself, and share those measurements with others, but know that we work with customers just like you all the time, and we are your biggest cheerleaders for getting out on the snow in gear that makes you look and feel GREAT.

Personalised fitting for Plus Size Ski Pants direct to your inbox

Why Measuring Yourself takes the Guesswork Out of Buying Plus Size Ski Clothing Online

Quite often, we hear “What size should I buy if I’m normally size X in this brand?” It’s a fair question, but snow gear is its own animal, and every brand has a different sizing norm. Some customers are shocked to find how different the sizing label on their ski gear is, compared to their street clothes.

Because of this, customers who’ve purchased ski gear without measuring first will realize once they make an exchange that their sizing guess was (unfortunately) way off! It’s a matter of knowing that your shape is a lot more relevant than your size when it comes to technical outerwear. They’ll say things like, “I can see why the other pants didn’t fit – my front rise is 35cm and the thigh was too tight.” We can help take the guesswork out of your shopping experience. We are so excited about this, and we hope you are too!

Many of us don’t like to measure ourselves or put a size number on our bodies. Maybe there’s some magic number in our minds which we strive for and if we go over that number, we feel down about ourselves. But our bodies are actually pretty cool, and we should start giving them the respect they deserve.

We’ve got your back and are only an email or phone call away.

That Winning Feeling: How to Buy Plus Size Ski Pants Online & Get it Right the First Time!

There’s nothing more deflating than trying on lovely new freshly-delivered clothing, only to find that nothing fits!

Here’s how to get that happy-dance feeling when your new plus-size ski pants arrive first time, every time:

  1. Measure
  2. Know your shape
  3. Take a breather and let us do the hard work

STEP 1. Learn how to measure yourself correctly

If you measure your body correctly the first time, you’ll be able to easily navigate the measurement charts throughout our entire Plus Snow range… and beyond, knowing what will suit you best!

It might sound strange when you don’t have to measure yourself to buy jeans or a t-shirt. But plus-size ski gear is unique, and it’s so worth it when your gear arrives and it actually fits you the first time!

Like anything, there’s a trick to getting your measurements right, so we highly recommend reading our How-To Guide before you get started.

Remember what your grandma used to say? Measure twice, cut once. Double-checking your numbers at the outset will save you lots of time in the long run, ensuring you can dive into the fun of buying ski pants online with absolute confidence.

STEP 2. Shape is More Important than Size for Finding Plus-Size Ski Clothing that Fits

Curvy bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to buying plus-size ski gear, the most important thing to know is that shape matters more than size. We say it a lot, but that’s because it matters! Body shapes are generally likened to shapes (triangle, rectangle, etc.), fruits (pear, apple), or adjectives (curvy, top-heavy, bottom-heavy, etc.). The purpose isn’t to label you or to be offensive - what we want to do is make sure that you have the right fit for your body shape.

Plus size ski pants come in many different cuts - no two brands are exactly the same. Some styles will be better suited to pear shapes, others to the apples out there. Some are great for tall skiers, others for the small-but-mighty. We know our styles and cuts inside out, quite literally, and have hand-measured every single item we keep in stock.

You will generally have a good sense of your overall body shape, and taking your measurements should clarify this further. If you’ve tried to purchase plus-size ski gear in the past, you’ll likely know what you need in terms of fit - whether it’s more room in the thighs, a narrower waist, and so on. And if you haven’t, leave it to us, we’ll look after you.

Step 3: Let us do the hard work for you

Once you have your measurements simply send them to us in our Shop your Shape form. It’s great if you can share other details too, like your style preferences and any challenges you’ve experienced in the past with finding the right ski pants to fit your curves.

You’ll get a response from a real person - it’s not a bot, it’s not automated. Our friendly, experienced team members will hand-select a range of clothing that we think will look absolutely great on you. We will happily answer any questions and work with you to make sure you can buy with confidence - and, more importantly, show up on the hill with confidence!

Step 4: Head for the hills, looking cute & feeling fly

That’s it. You’re done. Your hand-selected ski gears have arrived at your door. They’ve got the features you’re looking for and they’re going to keep you warm and dry from the first bell to the last chair. You can get ready for your #curvystoke because you feel good in your new gear, and you’ll be skiing and riding to the best of your ability because your snow pants fit as they should.

Have fun, and don’t forget to tag us in your social posts so we can celebrate with you!

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