XTM Socks

XTM is an Australian brand specialising in snow and outdoor gear since 2000. XTM primarily focuses on designing and manufacturing products for winter sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking and travel. XTM has established itself as a prominent brand in the Australian market, offering functional, stylish and affordable gear for cold-weather adventures.

With a more recent commitment to body diversity in the outdoors, XTM’s sizes are usually generous. However as always, use the size charts on each product’s page, or our sizing support page to find your best size and style.

Why do we love XTM plus-size clothing?

XTM offers affordable and reliable plus size ski and outdoor clothing to women and men, outside of the ‘normal’ sizes offered by so many other outdoor brands. They are emerging as an inclusive brand. XTM recognised a need to supply clothing that fits real Australian body shapes without the shame of compromising on basic quality standards like high waterproof and breathability ratings. We’re so grateful that XTM was willing and able to work with us, and others in the industry to supply plus-size ski clothing to the Australian and global markets.

What are XTM’s plus size size charts like?

Like so many brands and styles in the plus size space, there is no standard plus size shape or fit. While most clothing from XTM have generous measurements such as their merino wool collection, some other styles are not as generous. It’s always best to check the measurement charts on our website for each product or reach out for help from us.

What are our best and most popular plus-size XTM clothing pieces?

Great question! While we have stocked XTM plus size products for over 7 years now, there are a few that stand out and remain hugely popular. Our favourites include the Siberia Merino wool collection, the women’s Switzerland plus size ski pants, and Argentina men’s big and tall ski pants. They offer excellent quality and value for money in a true plus-size size fit and size.

What else do we love about XTM?

There’s a lot to love there. A local and sustainably focused Australian brand, with good warranty policies, well-made and reliable products, and a long-standing reputation with good people behind the scenes. Over the years of our plus-size journey, they have supported us, and we have supported them. Local Aussie businesses supporting each other, that’s how it should be, right?!

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