Can you help me choose a pair of Plus Size Snow Pants for my Trip?

Can you help me choose a pair of Plus Size Snow Pants for my Trip?

Article Updated July 2021:

Our Plus Size Snow Pant Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Curvy Snow Pants?

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Among the emails we receive, one of the most common queries is to recommend the perfect pants for your upcoming snow or ski holiday. We totally understand as there are so many different brands with so many different attributes that it might be confusing at times. So, in order to simplify your choice, so that you can concentrate on what matters more, which is planning your trip, we came up with an easy guide to selecting the perfect pants.

Figuring Out The Measurement

Step number 1 would be to do your own pant measurements first to determine your size in each style. Measure the Waist, hips and inseam of your own pants to compare to the sizes on the chart, as each style is very different in it's sizing and cut.  We have written a blog article to help with this if you need help. Now that we got your sizes sorted out, lets see what are the different options. (P.S. - My favourite pants and the short version are the Cartel Whistler Pants if you want a really quick answer ;) )

Cartel Whistler Pant

My personal favourite pant in the sense that the pants are made from a beautiful stretch material outer fabric which is super comfortable, not as noisy to wear, and fits most body shapes very well. The stretch fabric drapes beautifully on the body and is very flattering however it is not a stretch fabric in the sense that they will fit bigger than the size of the pants. The inner lining and the seams are not stretch as this would affect the seam sealing of the pant. These pants come in a variety of colours however black is always the most popular choice.

Raiski Savona Pants

We are super excited to be now stocking the Raiski R+ range as designed by Halti, a Finnish brand. With a great stretch fabric, sizes up to 28 and removable braces, these pants are sure to impress! They are slightly longer in the leg than the Whistler pants and have slightly more room in the hips (although the sizing runs one size smaller so a size 24 Whistler = size 26 Savona). They are also slightly higher in the rise (crutch to waist) than the Cartel Whistler pants which means more room for your tummy, hips and bum to fit in. They are constructed from a highly waterproof/breathable 10/10 seam sealed nylon outer to keep you warm and dry all day long, no matter the conditions. Our customers love the braces which help keep the pants up and the snow out when bending over or collecting yourself after a big stack!


Aggression Rio and Aggression Bolivia Pant


These are a shell style pant which means they have the waterproof/breathable outer layer and membrane in the pant without any insulation between the outer and the lining layer. This means you'll need to wear warm clothes underneath to keep you warm, and possibly some thermals under those as well depending on how cold it will be. They are the only style in our range which are not insulated in any way. The beauty of this style is that they are a lot smaller and easier to pack than other snow pants, and they just slide on over the top of your pants. They are also versatile so they can be used in warmer climates and for other uses such as camping or hiking. They are a great price too, so a very affordable and popular option. The Rio and Bolivia are almost similar in style with the main difference being the Bolivia is for larger sizes.

Cartel Kicker Pants - Aggression Castro Tab Adjuster Pants - Aggression Castro Queen Pants

The above pants are all popular option for women who need extra extra room for the bum, hips and/or thighs. The Cartel Kicker is made from the same soft stretch fabric as the Cartel Whistler and is my personal favourite for women with this real pear body shape.

Cartel Manhattan and Cartel Hudson


he Cartel Manhattan and Hudson pant are our super popular soft-shell stretch pant styles. They are one soft-shell layer with the inner fleece lining bonded to the outer soft-shell stretch material. They are designed with a more traditional black stretch pant style look and fit, and stretch a little like a pair of leggings. Not as much as legging but the fabric has some give to it. We have found that some women who don't technically fit into these pants according to the size chart, are still able to wear these pants comfortably. In fact, 'comfort' is the number one response that our customers report when trying on these pants. Many women buy these AND another pair of pants when travelling just so they have the versatility that these pants provide without always looking like you're wearing a pair of snow pants. These pants are not as warm as a traditional pair of ski pants as they don't have the insulating layer and multiple layers which other pants have. These pants fit very small, so it's best to go up 1-2 sizes when ordering, but best to use the size chart.

Affordable Womens Snow Pants

When you don't want to spend a lot of money or its a 'one-off' trip, then getting some pants at the least possible cost is your preferred choice. For ladies who like the sound of descriptions like value for money, affordable or cheap (without being cheap) then we suggest some less expensive pants from our snow range. Each pant's description attempts to include exactly why they are less expensive such as more basic waist structures, no leg snow cuffs or more basic material and insulation while still measuring up to the cold and wet conditions. We've got a few for you to check out if the pants above look to pricey for you.

Larger Plus Size Pants

A few styles of the pants above are also available in bigger sizes that go all the way to 28 for ladies and unisex 10XL. If you are over size ladies 26 or 28, some of the pants do not go larger than that. What we can recommend then is to try the Unisex pants that go in larger sizes. Here are a couple of ideas.

  • -  Although these pants only go up to a size 7XL, they are very oversized and when I hold the Bolivia size 9XL next to the waist of the 7XL of the Glide they are very similar.  They are a mens pant but fit some women's shapes more suitably and similarly to the Bolivia when you see it on a women's body, just a wider leg and thigh.
  • -The Aggression Castro Unisex Queen Plus Size Ski or Snowboard Pant in Short Leg (SL) Black for the king sized man or curvaceous woman is bullet-proof and will keep you dry even in the wettest and worst conditions skiing in Australia and overseas. Fully Seam Sealed and reinforced stitching with a rating of 10/10 for added waterproofing and breathability quality.

  We offer Plus Sized Snow pants, jackets and thermals that are available to ship internationally as well at I hope this breaks down my range a little better for you. I believe the best place to start would be the Womens Cartel Whistler Plus Sized pant, it's how our whole business started! Please comment or let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

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